The list of designers, who have worked with Koch & Bergfeld, sometimes innovatively, sometimes traditionally, but always to create something unique, contains a number of big names: Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Paloma Picasso, Henry van de Velde, Carl Fabergé, Gerhard Marcks being just some of them.

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Carl Fabergé

Carl Fabergé | Koch & Bergfeld

Teapot by Fabergé

  • Initial design for Carl Fabergé, 1900
  • 925 Sterling silver

Gerhard Marcks

Gerhard Marcks | Koch & Bergfeld

  • The Bremen Town Musicians by Gerhard Marcks
  • Design as a model by Lucille Grandchamps, 2010

Astrid Keller

Astrid Keller | Koch & Bergfeld

Pleated vases by Astrid Keller

  • 2008 design
  • 925 sterling silver

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Wilhelm Wagenfeld | Koch & Bergfeld

  • Collection by Wilhelm Wagenfeld
  • Design since 2010

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