Of tasks and responsibilities.

The K&B philosophy

Those who crown great moments with valuable items bear a great responsibility.
We are always aware of this duty. Our tradition-rich company has always followed certain values and set itself particular tasks.


With our work, we want to make an active contribution to history. Whether by means of the manufacture of a new piece or the retention of a traditional item. Sometimes, art history is created and is sent for safekeeping at the Bremen State Archive.


Our craft is based on centuries-old knowledge and experience. It is our most precious possession; one which no machine could ever replace and which will therefore be personally passed onto the coming generations.


The materials we work with are of the highest quality and form the foundation stone of our sustainable ethos. Every machine, every tool and every technical detail is not only worthy of preservation, but is essential to our work.


Crowning that special moment, that’s where our strength lies. We are all the happier when we get to meet the people who are able to connect stories with our pieces. Do you have a project, a task or a story for us? Then we look forward to receiving your message here.