Client orders.


With us, your custom-made item is in the best of hands. Our unique, centuries-old know-how is put to use at the highest level of craftsmanship. We are aided in this by our wealth of tools, our huge sketch archive and, last but not least, by our highly talented and trained employees.

How your order is processed:

We design your customer request or make use of drawings from our archive. The materials are then ordered – brass or silver plates, castings, turning/milling parts etc., depending on the order.

The production of the hollow ware or the various individual parts is carried out by cutting the metal plate according to a template. What then follows is the pressing onto wooded and steel moulds from our store or the production of a new mould.

If necessary, the printed form is deformed or flattened by means of hammering. Alternatively, hammer taps serve the surface design.

The piece is now stamped: with the silver content stamp, company logo, a Bremen key or an individual emblem. Numerous irons from our store ensure that every form can be hammered on.

The putty is warmed up – first step of chisel.

In the case of figuratively ornamented pieces, this is followed by chasing, whereby the relief forms are made on putty.

The individual parts are then mounted on the finished piece by means of brazing. The surface is filed and sanded down before being ground and polished. Individual engravings are then made before the item is sent to electroplating for silver or gold plating or gilting.

During the final assembly, wooden handles on teapots, for example, are riveted on or in the case of larger items, the individual parts are screwed together.