Items of jewellery.

Jewellery from K&B

The occasion decides the choice of jewellery.
And is forever bound up with it.

  • 925 sterling silver

Never forget.

Anchor chain

This special twisted chain was created following an old pattern from K&B archives. Just how the patterns were once realised in the manufactory was neither recorded nor comprehensible. So, it took a lot of time experimenting to rediscover and revive the original style.

  • 925 sterling silver

A bloom of the past.


A long-forgotten bloom from the K&B archive served as a central element in the development of these silver cufflinks. In this, the secret of their origin was only revealed much later thanks to a random event: a customer order brought to light some old crockery, which contained the bloom as a style element in the handle of the pot.

  • 925 sterling silver
  • 750 white gold
  • sapphires

The greatest happiness.

Horsehair bracelet

When naturalness meets real craftsmanship, true gems emerge. This bracelet made of fine, braided tail hair stands out not only as a result of the high-value choice of material, but also thanks to its intricately engraved white gold buckle.

  • 925 sterling silver, rubies, diamonds, Kimono silk

A web of details.

Jewelled spider

True items of jewellery draw more than a passing glance – and as it happens, it is well worthwhile taking a closer look at this piece. The details reveal real craftsmanship; the materials, true values: the engraved face with a ruby as the eye and diamonds for a mouth, legs made of silver and Kimono silk hair have every onlooker staring in amazement.